The Black Dot Project is a creative hub for your curious, ever-expanding brain. I create a very minimalist design, and you come up with a unique and awesome idea from it.  I believe that something as minimal as a black dot can be seen as so much more if you add a little imagination to the mix.


In 4th grade, my teacher grabbed a sheet of blank white paper and a black permanent marker.  She drew a black dot on the page and then went around to each student asking what they saw.  Naturally we all said “a black dot!” or “a black circle!” or something like that.  When she was done asking she said, “You all saw the same thing: a black dot.  But what if instead it was dark planet or a hole you could look through to see another place?”

In retrospect I imagine she was pretty disappointed that her 4th graders, kids that already made up some of the wildest crap, couldn’t see anything more than a black dot.  But regardless, it left a mark on me that to this day I carry with me. Why see nothing more than the literal answers to things?  Being creative is a huge part of what you bring to the table.

So with this I’ve brought back my 4th grade teacher’s small test and expanded it. I’ll come up with a very minimalist image (Rorschach-esque if you will) that I want you to see and think about.  The name of the game is to be creative here.  Hopefully by looking differently at these very simple images you can look at more complex things in life and create something new from them.


Black Dot Project was created by Chris Cromwell

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