I’ve always told myself that no matter what, there’s never an excuse for you to not do something.  And while that’s something I still believe to be true, getting that ideology mixed up with everything you try to fit in your life can be overwhelming.  You put things on the back burner and the next thing you know it’s forever later and your project is caked in dust.  Figuring out the best way to avoid that is a method only you can master.

This post marks the 50th and last design I’ll make for the Black Dot Project.  While I’m extremely proud to have made all of them, I feel like I’ve had to wipe the dust off each time I made a new post.  Over the past two years, I’ve moved three times (once across the country), gotten married, worked three full-time jobs plus freelance, traveled, had a beautiful little girl, and a bunch of other things.  Typical life stories, I know, but they keep you busy nonetheless.  Over the course of that time I’ve had a fantastic time making these designs and pushing you all to look at things differently.  And while my mom is still my number one contributor, I feel like I’ve done something great all around.

As a designer, I feel obliged to make better design not just for design’s sake, but for the world’s sake.  We all need to participate in appreciating and building better design.  Being able to see that is something we can all try to accomplish.  Hopefully I’ve helped chip away at that a little with the Black Dot Project.  I hope you enjoy this last post and as always, get creative!


One thought on “50

  1. Thanks for the “Honorable Mention” in your last post. I feel honored. When I first looked at this design, all I could see was the beginning of how I would draw a 3D square. That’s the only 3D shape I ever really taught myself to draw. Well, to be honest, I probably copied it from someone else and then practiced so that even today, I can still draw a 3D square!

    As I looked longer and thought about it, I saw the intersection of two things and the gray area in between. These might be a person’s work life, or in my case, my volunteer work life. This intersects with the leisure part of my life. There is an overlap, and sometimes they blur. And, this is what I see! How’s that for my almost 50th reply???

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