Sometimes you just have to say things out loud.  I spent some time reflecting on growth and changes over the past couple years and it’s amazing to realize how different I’ve become.  But, of course, I never really understood it until I admitted it to myself.

Career opportunities taken, adventures embarked on, friends made and maybe lost, they all contribute to a change and growth. It almost seems to happen on it’s own.  And then boom!  There you are, 3 years later and you’ve just accepted this new you like it had always been that way.  There’s a point where you have to put a certain amount of scrutiny on yourself and figure out what’s really going on.  I’d love to hear how differently you interpret some of these designs months or even years from now.

That said, what do you see in the design above?  When I was done making it I kept seeing a slide you’d put under a microscope, and felt that was pretty fitting for this topic.  Get creative!


One thought on “Scrutinize

  1. I see both a belt and buckle, and also a piece of film. The film could be the movie of one’s life and each frame could reflect the small change we made in ourselves over time.

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