Oh, the Little Things


I remember growing up and having my peers tell me, “Look at the bigger picture!”  I always thought that was such an odd statement because, as a kid, I was absolutely fascinated by all of the little things.  Today, I understand that it’s important to step back every once in a while and take a look at how the pieces fit together, but I’ll never get over that itch to look at the subtleties. They are the catalyst to the emotional connections we have when we look at everything in design.

These icons above don’t necessarily have any real meaning, but they do when you identify one to them.  What you should appreciate from designs like these is two things: 1. What you can define yourself in words, you can also say in one image.  A picture is a thousand words, right? Icons have always been incredibly powerful to a brand’s identity, so it’s treatment may not always need more than the most basic shapes to really convey it’s meaning. 2. There are still subtleties in simple design.  It’s really easy to say that but it’s not always so easy to see.  Negative space, rounded corners, spacial relations, they all mean something to each of the four designs above.

Having said that, what do you see in this image?  What do the designs look like by themselves and what do they change into when they are looked at as one whole image?  As always, get creative!

One thought on “Oh, the Little Things

  1. I see the face of an ice hockey player…..eyes, mouth, scar on left side (on cheek) from rough playing, and the “snowflake” on the right made me think of it being a winter sport.

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