The Creative Process


The other night I started thinking about freshman year of college and all the fun art classes I took.  The analog courses designers had to take were, at first, kind of intimidating and sounded boring.  It was all hand done with no trace of digital.  “I want to work on the computer!”, I’d proclaim, but what did I know?  And of course, after the first day I was hooked.  We’d splice film, cut paper, and end up with webbed fingers from all the glue we pasted.  It was awesome.  Learning to have a relationship with my work was more rewarding than I could have known.

One of my favorite projects was when we were tasked to create slides to be fitted into an old projector.  We had to take found elements and tell a story with them.  I used everything I could find.  Leaves, scraps of metal, condoms.  So, what did I learn?  I learned how to approach my creative process.  I gained insight on how to be more like me and make sense of how I wanted to create things.  Scattering ideas throughout my mind, and then piecing it all together into one, cohesive story.  Ultimately, it’s a process we all share but can’t imitate.

What’s your creative process like?  How does it affect what you see in this design?  Get creative and share your ideas!


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