Starting Point


When I started the Black Dot Project over a year ago, I’d always hoped that people would find their own way to look within simple design to see something elaborate and adventurous.  I think simplicity can say a lot of things.   In this design, I tried to confine some lines to the overall shape as a starting point.  How do they change it’s appearance and what you see in it?

We’ve been going strong with complex designs this week so have fun with a more minimalistic approach!

Get creative!


2 thoughts on “Starting Point

  1. I’m looking through a telescope to the treeline along a mountain ridge; the outline of the pine trees are illuminated by the setting sun.

  2. This is one of my old LP records, spinning around my record player. Maybe I was twirling my baton to this record when I was in junior high like I did then!

    It could also be the way my life spins around me sometimes, and I have a trouble keeping up with all that I have going on.

    I like my first thought best!

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