The OG


Where we find difference, we tend to find symmetry.

The design above looks like the Rorschach images you’ve known to see in movies or at the psychiatrist.  While I’ve tried to stray from using that design as an example for these exercises, I’ve always loved looking at them in my spare time and thought it was worth a visit.  I’ve recently gone through some transitional periods in life and had the ability to examine what those events meant and how to understand them better.  In some cases I found dysfunction and others progression.  The use of black and white in these designs adds an element within that discovery, where we either learn to grow or stay constant and never change.  There isn’t much grey in that process.

We all have to spend time reflecting on that one, little important thing: You. You are the one and only, the original.  We are always changing ourselves and evolving our interpretation on life.  How we look at that change makes us unique.  Keep it simple by knowing your complexities.

So, what do you see?  Tell me how it ties into your current transitions in life. Get creative!


One thought on “The OG

  1. This is a hard one. At first, it looks like a person’s organs (sort of), at least that came to my mind initially. I think I saw it this way because of Bruce’s scare with a benign kidney tumor, and then because of my friend’s cancerous kidney tumor. But when I look at it longer, I see a butterfly getting its color (the parts that are filled in with black), and to me that represents little ol’ me as my life becomes more and more full and rich with blessings of people and rewarding activities!

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