Growing Your Core


As designers, we pull from our creative core everything we know.  It’s the force behind what makes you special.  When you’re grinding away at work or on a project, you’ve got to find it in you every little thing that you know to make that idea come to life. But where did all that awesomeness in your core come from?

Plain and simple: you’re secretly a mad scientist. We all are. We can’t help but to experiment, dabble, push, pull, and find a way to blow something up.  It’s part of every human, but it’s definitely in the blood of designers.  Knowing that, it’s your duty to be curious.  Not just because it’s fun, but because you need to grow and learn more. It’s not always enough that you do the same thing you did before. Knowing when to step outside your comfort zone is an important part of life.

You are who you are because of the choices you’ve made and the choices you’ll make.  Remember where it all came from and introduce some new friends (aka ideas) to the mix.

So, what do you see in this design?  Pull from your creative core an idea like none other!

One thought on “Growing Your Core

  1. I see an athletic cmplex of sorts. The inner circle is a swimming pool. The outer circle around it is a trampolene.

    At 1:00, there are a series of platforms on which one can work out, do yoga or other similar activity (tai kwon do, for example).
    At 4:00, there are a set of stairs on which you can run up and down.
    At 8:00, there is a snack bar.
    At 10:00, there are benches to sit and rest on.

    Let’s build it!

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